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This page is produced to provide information supplied by Gorsley Neighbourhood Watch and will be updated regularly. The next meeting will be on Tuesday April 27th 2010 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.


Neighbourhood Watch Warning 10th March 2010

Burglars between 9.00am Monday 1st March and 10.30am Wednesday 3rd March approached a large shed used to store equipment just outside the entrance to the golf club.  The shed has been entered and two 25m rolls of astro turf have been stolen from inside.

Sometime between midnight Thursday 7th January and 2.30pm Sunday 7th March two high chairs, which are used to monitor the deer population, were stolen from woodland. The chairs were chained and padlocked to trees and these chains have been cut and discarded and the chairs taken away.

Neighbourhood Watch Warning 28th September 2009

Scammers posing as representatives of phone service providers, such as BT, are calling up UK subscribers in an attempt to trick people into handing over credit card or bank details under threat of disconnection. Full details of this scam can be found at

Neighbourhood Watch Warning 22nd July 2009

Withymoor Farm Bungalow was burgled on Wednesday 22nd July 2009. A lawnmower was taken from a shed at the side of the property while the grandson was away for the evening after 5 pm. It was discovered missing on Thursday morning at 5 am when he went out to milk the cows at the farm. The family were away on holiday at the time so it would seem to be an opportunist burglary. (Someone watching to see when no cars were in the drive). We should all be on our guard when leaving our properties for any reason ensuring ALL security has been implemented.

Neighbourhood Watch Warning 6th April 2009

Please look out for red transit van in area this afternoon with reg. GL57NKP containing 3 men trying to sell double glazing. West Mercia have been alerted but the reg plate is false.

Neighbourhood Watch Warning 4th January 2009

Burglars climbed onto a 5ft wall, breaking a wooden gate in process, and then onto a sloping roof of The Roadmaker Inn to gain access to a flat roof. They then broke a window and removed glass pane to climb through this narrow window into office area. The offenders found a key and opened a cupboard in office, where they found a small electronic security safe which was screwed into the cupboard and the wall. They then removed the safe and left the premises via the same window they entered. A large amount of cash was contained in the safe.

Neighbourhood Watch Warning 12th December 2008

Ford Farm, Kilcot was broken into on Tuesday night December 9th and turkeys were taken. With Christmas approaching please keep an extra look out in our area.

Neighbourhood Watch Warning 8th December 2008

Between 8.00pm Saturday 6th December and 9.00am Sunday 7th December thieves went to van parked near house and ripped off most of the rear registration plate, leaving a very small piece and the screws still attached to the vehicle. They also smashed all the rear lights on the vehicle.

Offenders sometime between midday Sunday 30th November and 10.30am Tuesday 2nd December climbed over rear garden wall into garden and went to a wooden garden shed.  Something was inserted into keyhole of padlock and this snapped off leaving part of it in the lock. No attempt was made to force off the padlock and shed was left secure.

Neighbourhood Watch Warning 30th November 2008

Poplar Farm, Gorsley was broken into sometime on Friday night/Saturday morning 28th/29th November. A large double glazed window was broken to gain access.

Neighbourhood Watch Warning 27th November 2008

On 26th November there were several distraction burglaries in the Herefordshire area. It is possible that a silver saloon car was involved which may contain up to three men. Can I please ask that if you see anything that you feel fits this description then please contact the control room immediately on the number listed below.

PC 2176 Wendy POWELL, Ross Rural Local Policing, HQ Control Room Tel: 0300 333 3000.

Police Phone Nos:
Call Management Centre ... 0300 333 3000
Domestic violence Unit ... 0300 333 3000
Ross Police Station ... 0300 333 3000 ext. 4410
PC Wendy Powell ... 07811 131525
Community Support Officer ... 07970 602441
Family Drug Support ... 01981 251155
National Drugs Helpline ... 0800 776600
Childline ... 0800 776600
Crimestoppers ... 0800 555111
Victim Support ... 01432 347208
Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator:
Ralph Hale (01989) 720404
Gorsley (Herefordshire) Neighbourhood Watch

Minutes of previous Neighbourhood Watch meetings are available by following the links below.

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