Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 8th January 2009 at 7.30pm
in Upper Room Christ Church Gorsley

Present: Cllr. John Barker (Vice Chairman), Cllr. Vivien Ferguson, Cllr. Molly Boughton, Cllr. Sheila Fowler, and Cllr. Graham Price.

In attendance: Mrs Margaret Highton (Clerk).

Apologies for absence: Cllr. Amanda Reade and Cllr. Martyn Davy

Declaration of Interest: Cllr. Molly Boughton declared a personal interest in item 5a) Enforcement Matters relating to Box Bush Barns as she is a neighbour to the property.

Minutes of the meeting on 5th November had been circulated. It was proposed by Cllr. Graham Price and seconded by Cllr. Viv Ferguson and agreed unanimously that the Chairman should sign the minutes as a true and correct record after the following alterations: 3) Proposed instead of propped, 7a) Add at the end of the paragraph Place Hill has been put forward for priority assessment and 17) at the end of the first sentence The Clerk will keep the Parish Council updated on progress.

Report from the Clerk on actions requested in the Minutes dated 5th November not covered elsewhere in the agenda: Planning Application at Always House – This application has been referred to Committee by District Councillor Roger Yeates and will be considered at the meeting in February 2009. A site meeting was held at the property on 16th December attended by Cllr. Molly Boughton.

Planning Enforcement Matters:
Box Bush Barns: Mr Grenyer and Mr Chapman (Countryside Officer at Forest of Dean District Council) had a meeting with the agent before Christmas. The agent appreciates that if they do not replace the part of the hedge, the owner will be prosecuted re removal of the hedge. The agent has promised a planning application re the new access and conditions attached to the original application by 21st January.
Mr Harper’s Land: Mr Grenyer had replied to the Parish Council concerns and the letter had been circulated to all councillors. Mr Grenyer states that the low loader is used for move hay and other materials to the field for the benefit of the horses. Councillors felt that a close watch should be kept on the field to check other pieces on equipment are not parked in the field.

Financial Matters:
Ratification of payments made in the last two months:
It was agreed unanimously that the following payment should be ratified:

  • GAPTC Training £45.00

Accounts for Payment in accordance with the Budget:
It was agreed unanimously that the following payments be made in accordance with the budget:

  • Clerk’s Expenses: £61.71
  • Information Commissioner – Paid under S137 £35.00
  • SLCC & ILCM Subscriptions £80.20
  • Gorsley PCC – Hire of Hall: £200.00
  • Cllr. Viv Ferguson – Mileage £12.80
  • Ink Cartridge: £42.52
  • Cllr. Martyn Davy – Mileage and Footpath Clearing Exps (S137): £50.00
    It was felt that the payment of expenses for Footpath Clearing needed to be discussed at the March meeting.

Report from Lead Member for Finance: The bank reconciliation had been agreed and the total funds as at 31st December 2008 were £7777.78. Cllr. Graham Price felt that all payments should appear in the minutes before payment and anticipated payments should appear on the agenda and in the financial diary. Action: Clerk to amend Financial Diary.

Letter of Engagement to Internal Auditor: this had been circulated to all councillors, Cllr. John Barker proposed, Cllr. Sheila Fowler seconded, and it was agreed unanimously that it should be sent to the Internal Auditor.

Kilcot Green Ponds Project: Cllr. Viv Ferguson had circulated a copy of the proposed text for the Information Board. The Clerk advised the meeting that the cost of the images for the board had not been included in the grant application. This would be around 20 images at £12 per image as around 25/30 were required but Hannah Ferguson, William Bick and Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust would be providing some images free of charge. Cllr. Graham Price proposed, Cllr. John Barker seconded, and it was agreed unanimously that up to £300 could be used to purchase images for the Information Board from the Earmarked Environment Fund. The clerk had received an up to date quote for the Notice board from Meadow Designs that was £90 more expensive than the original quote. Cllr. John Barker proposed and Cllr. Sheila Fowler seconded that the Clerk could order the Notice board on 29th January (when the quote expires ) on condition that she obtained two more quotes and tried to lower the quote from Meadow Designs and Cllr. Graham Price was satisfied that the quote from Meadow Designs was the best available.

Publication Scheme: A Model Publication Scheme for Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council had been circulated and after a discussion and minor amendments Cllr. John Barker proposed and Cllr. Graham Price seconded the adoption of the Publication Scheme and it was agreed unanimously

Highway matters:

Response to letter about the conditions of the roads in the Parish: A very detailed email reply had been received and circulated to all councillors. The Clerk was asked to write back to Richard Gray thanking him for the detailed reply, which the Parish Council was encouraged by and asking about the water gathering at the junction of B4221 and Kews Lane, which had not been covered in the reply. The Clerk was asked to tell Gloucestershire Highways about the water on the road by the Squirrels just past the Conigree Turn. Action: Clerk to write to Richard Gray

Response to letter about repainting of road marking: Richard Gray reports that it is already in the work scheme for March/April 2009 but this depends on weather conditions and a salt free carriageway.

B4221 and Related Matters:
Request for Vehicle Activated Sign
: The Clerk had circulated a suggested letter to Gloucestershire County Council re a Vehicle Activated Sign. After a discussion, Cllr. John Barker proposed and Cllr. Molly Boughton seconded that the letter should be sent suggesting the site should be by Poplars Farm, Newent Bound, and this was agreed unanimously.
Joint Parish Council Meeting in February: The Clerk needed to compose a report for the meeting to include a summary of the speed gun data and the support given to Linton Parish Council. Parishioners had raised concerns about the footpath from the county boundary to Gorsley Goffs School and the Clerk was asked to chase Andrew Lee Jones, as he had not answered the Parish Council’s letter dated 18/09/08 about the same problem. Action: Clerk to prepare report to Joint Parish Council meeting and write to Herefordshire Council re the footpath.
Support for Hignam Parish Council re Weight Restriction on B4215: Highnam Parish Council feel that the number of lorries had decreased when the weight restriction was in place during the A40 road works and lorries must have found alternative routes as they had heard no complaints, so the Parish Council wants to ask Gloucestershire County Council to put back the weight restriction. Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council were happy to support Highnam Parish Council, as there was a noticeable decrease in Lorries though Gorsley & Kilcot during the period of the weight restriction. The Clerk was also asked to write to Mike Obst about the fact that the new Lorry map has not been placed in the Newent Lay-by and no new signs appear to have been placed on M50. Action: Clerk to write to Gloucestershire County Council supporting Highnam Parish Council with a copy to Highnam Parish Council. Clerk to write to Mike Obst re lack of progress on signs.

Risk Assessment: This was postponed until the March meeting as Cllr. John Barker is attending training on Insurance in January, which will include Risk Assessment.

Emergency Plan for the Parish: Training dates are likely to be sent out by Forest of Dean District Council in next 7 -10 days and a Co-ordinator and Deputy Co-ordinator will be required to attend the training.

Parish Website: Information on Vision Websites had been circulated to all councillors. Councillors felt that pages on Gorsley.com would be sufficient for the needs of the Parish Council. Action: Clerk to contact Geoff Yeates re Gorsley.com

Archive of Aerial Photography: Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council had been offered an archive of aerial photography of the parish. After a discussion Cllr. John Barker proposed and Cllr. Graham Price seconded that Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council would buy the archive for a sum not above £50.

Newsletter: It was agreed that a newsletter is needed to be published around Easter to give six weeks notice of the Annual Parish Meeting. A copy date of the next meeting 5th March was agreed. Articles to include Chairman’s Letter, Annual Parish Meeting, Finance Report, Emergency Plan, Neighbourhood Watch, Parish Social and Useful Telephone Numbers. Action: Clerk to confirm details with Lee Hines.

Parish Council Policy on Consultations: It was agreed that these would be done on a surname alphabetical rota.

Use of Power of Wellbeing: The Power of Wellbeing will be replacing the use parts of S137 and will allow the Parish Council to spend money on a wider range of services to the parish. 80% of the councillors and the Clerk will have to be trained before the Parish Council can use it. Councillors requested that the training should be done on a local basis.

Parish Social: Due to the success of the last Parish Social, it was decided that a parish Social would be held in 2009. It was decided that it should be a Bring & Share Meal. Further details to be decided at the March meeting for inclusion in the Parish Newsletter. The dates of 4th or 11th July were suggested. Cllr. Viv Ferguson reminded the Parish Council that the Parish Council would be ten years old on 1st April 2010. Action: Clerk to check dates with Gorsley Goffs School to avoid clashes.

Attendance at:
Rural Services – The Heart of Rural Communities on 29th January – The Clerk may attend
2nd Joint Parish Forum on 28th January – No one able to attend
Planning Seminar on 22nd January – Cllr. Graham Price and Clerk will attend.

Items for the next meeting’s agenda:
Code of Conduct
Community Emergency Plan
Risk Assessment to include footpath clearing and clearing on Common Land

Councillors’ and Clerk’s submissions – for information only: No submissions

As there was no further business, the meeting was closed.

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