Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 5th March 2009 at 7.30pm
in Upper Room Christ Church Gorsley

Present: Cllr. Amanda Reade (Chairman), Cllr. Martyn Davy, Cllr. Vivien Ferguson, Cllr. Molly Boughton, Cllr. Sheila Fowler, and Cllr. Graham Price.

In attendance: Mrs Margaret Highton (Clerk).

Apologies for absence: Cllr. John Barker

Declaration of Interest: None

Minutes of the meeting on 8th January had been circulated. It was proposed by Cllr. Graham Price and seconded by Cllr. Sheila Fowler and agreed unanimously that the Chairman should sign the minutes as a true and correct record after the following alterations: 7) Full stop after “information board” and “The Clerk” added to the beginning of the new sentence and 8) “minor” to replace “some”.

Report from the Clerk on actions requested in the Minutes dated 8th January not covered elsewhere in the agenda: Kilcot Green: The text and photographs for the information board has been sent to Craig Walker.

Planning Decisions: The following applications have been approved by Forest of Dean District Council:

  • Malvern View Kews Lane – Change of use of agricultural land to part residential and part equestrian use. Erection of stable block. Alterations and extension to dwelling to provide conservatory/porch. (Retrospective)
  • Tree Tops Stony Lane – Extension to existing garage to provide double car port and attached wood store. Change of use of agricultural land to residential curtilage.
  • Always House, Kilcot Lane – Proposed cessation of storage and distribution use and demolition of existing commercial buildings in association with the erection of a detached dwelling and use of land ancillary thereto. (Revised scheme) – The Councillors noted that the decision whilst appearing to be contrary to policy has effectively set a precedent for limited development within the Parish.

Financial Matters:
Ratification of payments made in the last two months: It was proposed by Cllr. Amanda Reade and seconded by Cllr. Sheila Fowler and agreed unanimously that the following payment should be ratified:

  • Meadow Designs – Deposit on Notice Board: £275.00
    The Clerk advised the meeting that Meadow Designs was the cheapest quote received after she had contacted five different notice board manufacturers.

Accounts for payment in accordance with the budget: It was proposed by Cllr. Amanda Reade and seconded by Cllr. Sheila Fowler and agreed unanimously that the following payments be made in accordance with the budget:

  • Clerk’s Expenses: £61.16
  • Cllr. Viv Ferguson – Mileage to Planning Comm. Meeting: £11.20

The following amounts had been paid into the Parish Council account: £30 from Gloucestershire County Council re overhanging hedge administration and £63.40 VAT refund.
£1000 has been transferred from the reserve account to the current account.
NALC/SLCC has agreed a pay rise from 1st April 2008 of 2.75%. The Clerk has already received an interim pay award of 2.45% so 0.3% is due, which is a backdated payment of around £6.50. A letter to the bank will be sent advising them of the amendment to the standing order and the pension and redundancy reserves will be amended accordingly.
Contribution towards a Neighbourhood Watch Information Board at Gorsley Post Office: The Parish Council had been asked for a contribution of £50 by Linton Parish Council. After a discussion, Cllr. Graham Price proposed and Cllr. Sheila Fowler seconded that Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council would make a one off contribution of £50 on the following conditions:

  1. Gloucestershire Constabulary are able to and willing to have equal input on the contents of Board as West Mercia Police.
  2. The information board is updated regularly by both police forces, at least fortnightly.
  3. That the balance of the money required is found from another source.

Community Emergency Plan: Cllr. Amanda Reade and Cllr. Sheila Fowler will be attending the training in Coleford on March 24th. If either are unable to attend than Cllr. Graham Price and Cllr. Molly Boughton stated that they could attend. Cllr. Amanda Reade would ask for volunteers in the chairman’s letter in the newsletter.

Highway matters - Update on the conditions of the roads in the Parish: The Clerk had circulated an update to all Councillors: Due to the damage done during the snowy weather there is now a 5 day turnaround time for potholes and the annual inspection of all roads has been suspended for one month whilst all strategic routes are checked. Three potholes on B4221 on Kilcot Hill had been reported to Gloucestershire Highways. The problem of water at The Squirrels Ross Road had been solved. Richard Gray had requested a meeting to sort out the gullies in Kews Lane and Kilcot Lane. The debris in the Ford and potholes near Janmarie Ford Lane had been reported to Gloucestershire Highways maintenance team. A Comment had been made by a Ross resident about kerb cleaning within the parish and the Clerk had passed the comments onto the appropriate authorities.

B4221 and Related Matters:
Request for Vehicle Activated Sign: A response had been received from Richard Gray at Gloucestershire Highways saying that he had passed it on to colleagues responsible for capital expenditure for assessment. A response had been received from the police stating that the figures show that there is a problem along the road and wider traffic management measures are needed. The Clerk was asked to write back requesting further information on the proposed traffic management measures commenting that the Parish Council still feels that a vehicle activated sign would have a positive effect. The Clerk was asked to phone Richard Gray asking him to write a letter to the police stating that Gloucestershire Highways is supportive of VAS. Action: Clerk to write to Gloucestershire Police and phone Richard Gray
Joint Parish Council Meeting in February: This had been a short meeting and Councillors felt that a fixed agenda or each parish council being given the opportunity to comment on the agenda could help to ensure that the agenda covered all necessary points. There had been a good public turnout. Mr Rowley, a member of the public, had asked about the road edges near Brassfields Farm. As the Clerk has already raised this matter with Richard Gray, she agreed to phone Mr Rowley to advise him that work was scheduled on the edges. Cllr. Amanda Reade agreed to talk to Welland Parish Council about their good relationship with the Mobile Speed Camera Partnership. The next meeting will be on 28th September at 8pm in Aston Ingham Village Hall. Action: Clerk to speak to Annette Steele and Heather Hobbs about the agenda and feed back to Mr Rowley.
Response to letter about weight restriction on B4215 and lorry maps: Responses from Gloucestershire Highways and Mike Obst had been circulated to all councillors and to Highnam Parish Council concerning a weight restriction on B4221. It was felt that Richard Gray should be written to re his comments on the status of the B4221 as he states that it is suitable for journeys in and out of the county and journeys in the county but the freight map states it is for local journeys only. Mike Obst had replied re lorry maps stating that a new lorry map would be in place at Newent lay-by after April and that Gloucestershire Highways are now contracted to maintain the maps. The Clerk was asked to write to Highways Agency re the meterage of the exit signs on junction 3 northbound M50, as they were not moved when the exit was changed. Action: Clerk to write to Highway Agency and Richard Gray and speak to Mike Obst at the end of April.

Items for Gorsley.com: As it had been decided to use Gorsley.com as a Parish Website as there would be no charge, the Clerk had circulated to all Councillors for consideration two pages of information to be placed on the website. Geoff Yeates had also advised the Clerk that all minutes and agenda can be placed on the website if this service is required. Councillors were happy for the pages to be placed on the Website together with agendas and minutes from now on. Action: Clerk to send the pages to Geoff Yeates.

Newsletter and Distribution Lists: The distribution list was amended as some errors had been found. It was agreed to publicize the Parish Social as Saturday 11th July as a Bring & Share Meal with details to be confirmed at the May meeting. The Clerk was asked to ensure that Gorsley.com was publicized in the newsletter. As it would cost double for the logo to be in colour it was agreed to continue to print the newsletter in black & white. Cllr. Amanda Reade stated that the chairman’s report would be available after the Community Emergency Plan training. The Clerk will ensure all other items are with Lee Hines as soon as possible. The dates of footpath clearing walks were decided together with a Parish Walk on 19th June, with another Parish Walks in the autumn.

Parish Council policy on welcoming new residents: Parish Councillors were reminded that if there were any new residents in their area, could they please phone the Clerk who would send a newsletter and Local Leisure guide. Action: Clerk to send items to Fairholm and Haymoor

Annual Parish Meeting: It was decided to hold this on Wednesday 20th May at 8pm Clerk was asked to invite Richard Gray (Stakeholder Manager Gloucestershire Highways) to speak. Each Parish Councillor to provide a plate of refreshments. Cllr. Amanda Reade to provide soft drinks and the Clerk agreed to provide two boxes of wine. The Clerk to ask County Cllr. Will Windsor Clive, District Councillor Roger Yeates, Rural Beat Officer Brian Howard and Village Agent Sally Anne Batchelor to provide reports that would be available at Christ Church from Wednesday 6th May.

Update on Modification Orders at GGK30 and GGK40: As there had been one objection to Gloucestershire County Council’s Modification Order for GGK30, it was sent to The Planning Inspectorate for a local inquiry in September 2008. The Planning Inspectorate has been having discussions with Gloucestershire County Council as to whether the order had been properly advertised. In the meantime, the objector has withdrawn his objection. As the order has been sent to Planning Inspectorate, it will be decided there and it is likely that they will require Gloucestershire County Council to re-advertise the order. Whilst gaining this information, The Clerk discovered that the Modification Unit at Gloucestershire County Council contains 1 ? people now so progress on our other Modification Order for GGK40 will be slow.

Quality Status for the Parish Council: Cllr. Sheila Fowler had attended a seminar at GAPTC on Quality Status and circulated the notes to all Parish Councillors. It was felt that although Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council will not be actively pursuing Quality Status at the moment, this should be kept under review to be discussed in 6 months or earlier if the Clerk felt it was appropriate.

Items for the next meeting’s agenda:
Code of Conduct
Parish Social
Risk Assessment to include footpath clearing and clearing on Common Land
Severn Barrage
Grants & Donations

Councillors’ and Clerk’s submissions – for information only: Cllr. Amanda Reade had been telephoned by a reporter from the Citizen to ask whether the Parish Council was concerned that the alcohol ban in Newent would push drinking out into villages. Cllr. Amanda Reade had replied that as the Parish Council had received no information about the ban coming into force, they had not discussed the issue and therefore could not comment. A concerned parishioner had mentioned to Cllr. Amanda Reade about a fairground family, Danters, buying land in Aston Ingham Parish and wanting to live on it. Cllr. Amanda Reade was advised to tell the parishioner that a report about this matter was available in The Chimes newsletter and no planning application has been made at present.

As there was no further business, the meeting was closed.

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