Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 25th January 2010 at 7.30pm
in Christ Church Gorsley

Present: Cllr. Amanda Reade (Chairman), Cllr. John Barker, Cllr. Sheila Fowler, Cllr. Molly Boughton and Cllr. Graham Price,

In attendance: Mrs Margaret Highton (Clerk), Richard Moore (Newent Transition), Michael Warwick (Newent Transition) and Shaun Cavanagh (Aston Ingham Tennis Club)

Richard Moore (Newent Transition) talked to the meeting about Super Insulating Newent and the Villages Project. A copy of his presentation had already been sent to Parish Councillors and the Clerk. The Parish Council felt that an article in the next Newsletter was the way forward
Richard Moore and Michael Warwick left the meeting

Apologies for absence: Cllr. Martyn Davy and Cllr. Vivien Ferguson.

Declaration of Interests: Cllr. Sheila Fowler declared a personal interest in Item 4a) as she is a member of Aston Ingham Tennis Club.

Planning Matters:
Planning Applications: Aston Ingham Tennis Club: Stockings Field, Mill Lane, Kilcot – Erection of floodlights to existing tennis courts (8 in total): The Parish Council after a discussion decided that their response would be “No Objections”.
Planning Decisions: The following applications has been given permission: Haymoor Ross Road Gorsley – Alterations and extensions to dwelling and Stone Cottage North Pole Lane Gorsley – Alterations and extensions to dwelling.
Shaun Cavanagh left the meeting.

Minutes of the meeting on 5th November had been circulated. Cllr. Amanda Reade proposed, Cllr. John Barker seconded, and it was agreed unanimously that the Chairman should sign the minutes as a true and correct record.

Report from the Clerk on actions requested in the minutes dated 5th November not covered elsewhere in the agenda:
Countdown markers on M50: These have been altered by Highway Agency as requested by Parish Council.
Annual Survey of Roads: A response has been received from Richard Gray (Stakeholder Manager Gloucestershire Highways) and sent to all Parish Councillors. The Clerk will keep under review, actions that have been agreed.

Publicity and Possible Event re Work on Kilcot Green and 10th Birthday of Parish Council: It was agreed that Cllr. Amanda Reade would write a Press Release once the work on Kilcot Green was finished. It was felt that the event for the 10th anniversary of the formation of Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council should be combined with the Annual Parish Meeting and wine and nibbles served. It was suggested that Stephen Wright who was so helpful when the Parish Council was being set up, be invited as an speaker. Action: Clerk to contact Stephen Wright for possible dates.

Use of biodegradable materials for Parish events: Cllr. Martyn Davy had sent a note to say that the problem is storage as large quantities have to be purchased at any one time and he would be looking into companies that allowed smaller orders. Therefore, Parish Council felt no action needed to be taken at this time.

Financial Matters:
Ratification of payments made in the last two months: It was proposed by Cllr. John Barker and seconded by Cllr. Sheila Fowler and agreed unanimously that the following payment should be ratified:

  • GAPTC – Training £12.00
  • Perpetua Press: Printing of Newsletter £48.00
  • Information Commissioner: £35.00

Accounts for payment in accordance with the budget: It was proposed by Cllr. Graham Price and seconded by Cllr. John Barker and agreed unanimously that the following payments be made in accordance with the budget:

  • Clerk’s Expenses: £64.52
  • SLCC: Subscription: £122.40
  • Cllr. Sheila Fowler: Mileage £10.40
  • A transfer from current account to Business Reserve of £2500 was signed.

Monies Received:

  • VAT Refund: £321.77
  • Gloucestershire Environmental Trust Grant: £1964.00
  • Forest of Dean District Council Grant: £1209.00

Tree Safety Survey: The Clerk had contacted Adrian Hope Tree Services who had agreed to do the Survey for the same amount as in 2004 of £295 + VAT. Cllr. John Barker proposed and Cllr. Graham Price seconded that this quote should be accepted. Action: Clerk to contact Adrian Hope Tree Services.

B4221 and Related Matters:
Progress on Vehicle Activated Sign and other safety measures: The Clerk and Cllr. Amanda Reade met with Chris Townley on the morning of the meeting. Chris Townley said that all the red road markings would be done when the resurfacing to the County boundary had been completed. A report from his colleague said that Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council did not qualify for a Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) as we only met the Traffic Flow criteria. No speed data had been placed in the report as the Parish Council needed to meet two criteria for a Speed Check to be initiated. Both the Clerk and Cllr. Amanda Reade felt that the Environmental criteria had not been assessed correctly, as it did not allow for residents of Ryelands who walk up and down the road and cross the road to access the Bus Service. Chris Townley would look into Gateways. ACTION: Clerk to write to Richard Gray when Phase 1 & 2 (Being done between 25th and 29th January) is completed to ask when Phases 3 & 4 will be completed so we do not wait to long for the red painted road markings. Cllr. Amanda Reade to compose letter to Chris Townley’s superior about the Environmental Issues Criteria.
Joint Meeting: It was decided to put this on the March Meeting Agenda

Resurfacing of B4221: This started today (25th January) due to the Snow. Close Grade Wearing Course is the surface being used which is quieter that the present surface.
Lorry Maps and Signage on M50: County Cllr. Will Windsor Clive has been chasing this matter on behalf of the Parish Council. Mike Obst has admitted that that the order for Newent Lay-by had not been sent and this will be done. There are still legal matters with regard to the Lorry Map at Ross on Wye Truck Stop. Mike Obst will be actioning the signs on the approaches to M50.
Provision of Salt Bins: The Parish Council asked the Clerk to request two salt bins . One to be placed at Stoney Road/Place Hill Junction and the other near the Ford at Ford Lane. David Field will be asked if he is willing to buy one as he has requested a Salt Bin in Stoney Lane. The Clerk was asked to write a letters to Dennis Stringer and Ian Cracknell thanking them for the snow clearing they did in the parish. Clerk to talk to Gloucestershire County Council about Snow Plough Operators and their duties to ensure they are used in the most effective way if we have any more snow. Mark Goulding has offered to be a Snow Plough Operator. ACTION: Clerk to contact Gloucestershire Highways re Salt Bins, ask David Field for a contribution and talk to Gloucestershire County Council about effective use of Snow Ploughs.

Responses to request for help for the Community Emergency Plan: 12 responses had been received from parishioners. Clerk to organise another Working Group meeting. Action: Clerk to organise Working Group Meeting

Risk Assessment for the Common Land in the Parish: this had been sent to all councillors, Cllr. Amanda Reade proposed, Cllr. John Barker seconded, and it was agreed unanimously to adopt the risk assessment.

Report re Parish Council Insurance: The Working Group had met twice and was awaiting answers from the Parish Council’s Insurers. An update would be sent to all Councillors.

Agenda Notice: after a discussion Cllr. Amanda Reade proposed, Cllr. Sheila Fowler seconded, and it was agreed unanimously. that the words “A wheelchair ramp can be provided to access the church” should be added to the notice of every agenda.

Gloucestershire County Council re Local Transport: This was completed from a Parish Council perspective. The Clerk and several Councillors had also completed the consultation personally.
Forest of Dean District Council – Community Scrutiny & Review Committee: The Parish Council completed the questionnaire.
Forest of Dean District Council – Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Show people Site Identification: Cllr. Amanda Reade took the form away to complete and will circulate all councillors with her comments before responding to the consultation.

Items for the next meeting’s agenda:
Insulating Newent Project
Talk from Stephen Wright and Annual Parish Meeting

Councillors’ and Clerk’s submissions – for information only: Cllr. Amanda Reade advised the meeting that she would not be standing for Chairman of the Parish Council in May 2010.

As there was no further business, the meeting was closed.
These are Unadopted Minutes

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